Maryhill Spring Freeride

Goldendale, Washington is home to my favorite road in the world.

Maryhill Loops Road

It is home to an International Downhill Federation World Cup race, the Maryhill Festival of Speed.  The 'Festival' is the largest race each season, both measured by the number of riders (230) as well as the prize purse (<10k). Riders from over 20 countries come 'battle it out' to be crowned King and Queen of the hill.

The road is also home to the Maryhill Ratz, a group that organizes 'Freerides' four times annually, one of which is 'ladies only'!!! At these events, both pro-riders and rando's alike get to ride down this beautiful 2.2 mile hill with its 22 corners set on a 5% grade. Three U-Hauls are rented to shuttle the riders up the hill from 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. These events openly welcome other wheeled toys such as drift trikes, gravity bikes, downhill scooters, inline skaters, buttboards, and luges.

The downhill family is thick as thieves and I've never seen a sport with more compassion and hospitality running through its blood. Only in this community do I feel comfortable hosting dudes I have never met at my house for the weekend or even leaving my car unlocked all day because there are no worries at the hill. Other than injuries. The Ratz have that covered though, the 'Freerides' have a medical staff complete with multiple EMT's, an ambulance, and a rad utility vehicle.

If I was able to attend one skate event all year, it would be a 'Freeride' without question.

If you would like to witness the wonder that is Maryhill, come on down to Goldendale this June, I'll see you at the Festival along with 3,000 other spectators!